Seafood industry in Vietnam: Status and solution for aquatic environment

Seafood industry faces threat from pollution and climate change. It is high time to find solution for this problem. 


Seafood industry in Vietnam is under threat from environmental pollution. In consecutive month of early 2016, fish farmers nationwide have experienced heavy losses due to death fish and mollusk. In which, industries, waste water and aquaculture caused huge water pollution with their activities. For example, intensive and super intensive farming zone will pose environmental safety risk without a suitable water treatment system. In the future, Vietnam seafood industry will vulnerable if the government impose the strict environment protection law. Ongoing effects of EL Nino and La Nina caused by climate change have negative impact on aquaculture.

Recently, water pollution, especially domestic and industrial wastewater has caused massive fish deaths in Vietnam, severely impacting people’s lives.


Executing the regulations of the government is one long-term and sustainable solution to environment problems in aquaculture. Vietnam has already Environment protection law; Decree, Circular about environment. However, officials must be eager to disseminate information and supervise the Vietnamese and foreign people who live in Vietnam to implement the environment law. Besides, environment law should be amended in accordance with aquaculture reality.  Furthermore, public awareness on environmental protection should be increased by many ways. Responsible aquaculture should be done by innovative and responsible practices and right water treatment.   

Currently, many sustainable aquaculture practices which can reduce environment pollution are promoted such as VietGAP, closed pond system, open-pen river-cage system, or cage hanging on floating raft, mollusk.

Ph.D. Bùi Quang Tề


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