Sóc Trăng farmers earn high profit from barramundi

Barramundi has been sold at high price since early this year, bringing high profit to farmers in SócTrăng.

Farmers in SócTrăng are very eager with high yield and price of barramundi. Most of them have got high profit in the last seven months.

Farmer Lý Phước Mộc from Cảng Buối hamlet, Hòa Đông commune, Vĩnh Châu town have three ponds of 14 thousand square meters, farming 62 thousand fries and harvest 20 tons (averagely 1.2kg each) after 10 months. His barramundi are sold at 75 thousand VND per kilogram, making him earn 400 million VND profit.

Võ Điền Trung Dũng fromTổng Cán hamlet, Liêu Tú commune, Trần Đề district is the biggest barramundi farmer of Sóc Trăng. He has tens of hectares of farms and gets hundreds of commercial fish each year. Dũng said that price of barramundi is 10,000 – 18,000 VND/kg higher than the previous year. Although barramundi has brought high profit, farmers should not overdevelop this fish; otherwise supply would surplus demand, leaving low price and even loss. Dũng shared that he was remaining his farms so that yield would suit the market demand.

Although barramundi farming takes time, its productivity is very high with 60 – 100 tons per hectare averagely in intensive ponds. If possible, barramundi can be sold at 65 thousand VND per kilogram after 10 months. The price does not enable Vietnamese barramundi to compete with Australia, Indonesia or Thailand where farming cost of this kind of fish is lower than in Vietnam; moreover, disease has appeared to Vietnamese barramundi recently.


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