Thanh Hóa: Massive death of clams for unknown reasons

In recent days, many clam farming areas in Hải Ninh and Hải Châu wards (Nghi Sơn town) have been abnormally massively killed. Currently, the provincial agricultural sector is investigating and finding the cause.

According to the clam farming households, from the first day of March, the clam was found dead but only after 1-2 days, the number of dead clams was very large and large. Farmers said, in recent days, there is a red stream of water flowing into the clam field every high tide, it is likely that this is red algae that poisoned the clam and died.

According to the quick report of Thanh Hóa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hải Ninh ward (Nghi Sơn) has about 3.5 ha of clam farming. Unusual death of clam appeared from March 1. By March 4th, more clam died, with a rate of about 20 – 25%. In Hải Châu ward, which is bordering Hải Ninh ward, there is also a clam farming household with an area of ​​3,000 m2 affected, the number of dead clams is nearly 10 tons, causing hundreds of millions of losses in damage.

The price of commercial clam being wholesales right at the farming field is 16,000 VND/kg, if harvested, the market is about 20,000 VND/kg. At this price level, each household suffers hundreds of millions in losses.

Immediately after receiving information about abnormal clam death, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development instructed the Fisheries Department, the Department of Livestock and Animal Health of the province to set up an interdisciplinary task force to check the situation. The mission went directly to the clam farms to check, collect water and clam samples and send them to the Institute of Fisheries, Central Department of Animal Health for testing and determine the cause.


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