Toàn Thắng Cooperative meets ASC standards in shrimp culture

A workshop titled “Outcome and experience exchange in value chain between production and consumption following ASC standards by Út Xi Company and Toàn Thắng Cooperative” was held by World Wild Fund Vietnam (WWF – Vietnam) in association with Sóc Trăng Fisheries Sub-department in Quê tôi Hotel on December 26. The participants included representatives from Sóc Trăng Department Agriculture and Rural Development, Cooperatives and collective groups in the province.

In the last time, thanks to Sóc Trăng Sub-Department of Fisheries’ support,WWF –Vietnam and related units have established three chain linkages between production and consumption following ASC standards for sustainability assurance among seafood processing companies, cooperatives, and collective groups in the province.

Representatives were shown the chain linkages between Út Xi Company and Toàn Thắng Cooperative during the workshop. Toàn Thắng finds it quite easy to reaching ASC standards as it has been trained with various schemes in advance, Út Xi said; also they both were created favorable conditions to perform the linkage by local authorities.

However, the record is not updated and the feed is not homogeneous. Representative of Toàn Thắng presented their advantages and challenges when following ASC standards and assures the record to be fully updated in the future.

During the workshop, participants exchanged and discussed either proceedings of ASC approaching, assessing and granting or advantages and difficulties in making assessment and figuring global demands in food safety out.

Toàn Thắng and Út Xi were awarded assessment and mistake correction certification by ASC Bureau Veritas Certification.


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