Trà Vinh: Successful production of SPF tiger shrimp adult broodstock

On April 17, Trà Vinh University issued its evaluation for the second stage and inspected the thesis “Study to create Specific Pathogen Free Shrimp Broodstock for shrimp seed production facilities in Trà Vinh”. This is a ministry-level thesis of significant technology and science invested and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Trà Vinh University is proceeding the second stage of the thesis with 390 shrimp broodstocks being produced successfully, 300 pcs more than the initial target.

Female shrimps weigh up 145.72 g/pc average, 25 g/pc more than the target and male shrimps are 96.90 g/pc on average, 17g more than the target. Survival rate from the post (0.02g) to maturity reaches 61.95%, meeting requirements of the research. Maturity rate reaches 60%, surplus to requirement. Average reproduction of female shrimp reaches 443,530 Nauplius per spawn, over 43,000 nauplius compared initial target. The results of checking pathogen free at stages (WSSV, TSV, YHV, IHHNV and MBV, HPV) meet requirements.

Doctor Huỳnh Kim Hường, Deputy Head of Agriculture – Fishery Department of Trà Vinh University said: “Shrimps originated from the US post larvae which are certified pathogen free before stocked. Sample is taken for checking normal diseases by the study group and sent to the Animal Health sub-department region VI for their verification”.

The broodstock facility of Trà Vinh University has accommodated around two million post larvae of black tiger shrimps with good survival rate.

Đỗ Văn Trường, a technician from Trà Vinh University said that during the research stage I, the facility accommodated 150,000 post to three households in Trường Long Hòa commune of Duyên Hải town for a control model. The stocking lasts three or three and a half months. All farmers earn 80-120 million dong profit.

This time, the facility provides households and members of the research program. Shrimps weigh up well and reach size 300-350 pcs/kg after one month and twelve days.

“If the quality of female and male broodstock is satisfied, specific pathogen free shrimps will be produced in Trà Vinh and the Mekong Delta”, Doctor Nguyễn Minh Thành, Hồ Chí Minh National University gave his opinion.


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