Tuyên Quang develops sustainable aquaculture

Tuyên Quang has 11,288 ha of potential surface water for aquaculture. This is a favorable condition for the province to develop its aquaculture, bringing high income for residents.

Na Hang of Tuyên Quang is considered a potential place for aquaculture, where there are 4,583 ha of surface water stocking various species and total seafood yield reaches more than 500 tons per year. Aquaculture of Na Hang has seen growth in recent years. The district has had two fisheries companies and nearly 809 fish cages managed by 170 households so far.

Farmers of Sơn Phú, Yên Hoa, Đà Vị communes have taken used of Na Hang ecological river to build fish cages and make large profit. Farmer Trương Tuấn Minh living in group 2 of Thác Mơ zone, Na Hang town said that his family has spent six years onrearing fish on cages with crystal eyed catfish, snakehead fish, chub, and carp. He owns 20 cages, providing the market with 40 tons of fish every year. Crystal eyed catfish is sold at 80,000 dong/kg, chub 250,000 dong/kg, and carp 70,000 dong/kg. His revenue reaches 2.5 billion dong/year, leaving his profit of 700 million dong every year.

Na Hang based Thường Mai Limited Company is one of leading companies investing into fish cages in Na Hang ecological river. They started with 25 cages in 2015 and now 54 ones where various species are reared like red-tail catfish, black carp, carp, hemibagrus guttatus, chub, and Semilabeo notabilis.Those species adapt easily with climate conditions and water resource of Na Hang, and bring higher economic profit than others which were farmed in the district. The company is making efforts to provide the market with more than 300 tons of commercial fishes by 2019.

Deputy Director of Tiền Giang provincial Fisheries Sub-department Trần Văn Hải said in the future the Sub-department would propose the provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department to issue favorable policies to fish farmers for the province’s sustainable development.Accordingly, detailed planning will be made upon conditions of each area and farming techniques will be public to farmers. Local farmers will be offered low interest loan for production expansion and provided with knowledge of fish farming for food safety and hygiene. Each fish cage will be coded for effective management and traceability. The project of Tuyên Quang fish specialty development in 2019-2020 will be completed to boost seafood production, enhance added value, form a value link chain, improve competitiveness, and raise income for local farmers.


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