Yên Bái: Thác Bà Lake to produce 20,000 tons of fish per year

Thanks to water resources and scientific progress, the fish production in
Thác Bà Lake has continuously increased over the years.

Thác Bà Lake is the largest artificial hydroelectric reservoir in Yên Bái
province, covering an area of over 19,000 hectares. Besides its potential for
tourism, the aquatic resources also provide a livelihood for hundreds of
households in the region.
Lê Văn Thư, from Vĩnh Kiên commune, Yên Bình district (Yên Bái), has
engaged in fish farming and fishing on Thác Bà Lake for many years. Utilizing
water surfaces for fish cage farming, his income has improved significantly.
Currently, he has 66 cages with various fish species, including bagridae, red
tilapia, tilapia, carp, and black carp, yielding 20 – 25 tons of fish for sale each
Thư shared that fish cage farming doesn’t require much time because of the
natural clean water source and available agricultural products as fish feed.
Therefore, the initial investment costs are not too high, and the capital recovery
period is quick.
Currently, people in the communes around Thác Bà Lake of Yên Bình district
are engaged in fish farming in two forms: cage farming and net pen fish farming
on surface water.
In the surrounding area of Thác Bà Lake, there are two enterprises, five
cooperatives, 13 cooperative groups, and over 300 households involved in fish
farming. Most of the fish cage farming facilities have expanded their scale to
raise specialty fish, especially local catfish.
T&T Science and Technology application research and service Ltd., Co has
invested in a high-quality fish cage farming system, applying scientific and
technical methods into high-value and specialty fish. Additionally, they strictly
adhere to the VietGAP standards. With over 100 fish cages of various species,
in 2022, the company sold more than 400 tons of fish, primarily American
catfish, snakehead fish, black carp, and red tilapia, generating a revenue of over
15 billion VND.

Currently, Hoàng Kim Cooperative has partnered with Hải Hà clean seafood
processing Ltd., Co to establish a closed production chain to bring Thác Bà
Lake dried fish specialties to consumers.
Hoàng Ngọc Đại, Deputy Director of the Yên Bái Provincial Fisheries Sub-
Department, stated: "To achieve the goal by 2025 of over 3,000 fish cages,
yielding around 20,000 tons per year, Yên Bái province has introduced policies
to support individuals engaged in fish cage farming on Thac Ba Lake.
Moreover, we will continue to create favorable conditions to call for enterprises
to collaborate with cooperatives, cooperative groups, and local residents in
aquatic production on the lake."


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