Cà Mau mounts effort to produce 570,000 tons of farmed seafood

Cà Mau province tries to reach 470,000 tons of aquaculture output by 2025 and 570,000 tons by 2030.

Cà Mau People’s Committee has just issued a plan to perform the National Program of aquaculture development, period 2021 – 2030 in the province. The province plans to exploit the potential and take full advantage to develop the aquaculture sustainably and effectively in accordance with the provincial features, proactively adapt to climate change, carry out further research on science and technology application to increase output, quality, value, and competitiveness, thus satisfy requirements of the local market and exporting countries.

Besides, the province will invest into and improve infrastructure to meet requirements of production in centralized aquaculture areas. A chain of supply and consumption of farmed species will be built.

The output of aquaculture is expected to reach 470,000 tons by 2025 with an average growth rate of 2.15%/year, and 570,000 tons by 2030 with an average growth rate of 3.93%/year.

Cà Mau sets a target of proactively producing and supplying over 75% of demand for shrimp breeding stocks (black tiger shrimps and white leg shrimps) and 100% demand for qualified crab breeding stocks; having around 50,000 ha of shrimp – mangrove farm and shrimp – rice granted certificates related to organic production and other global standards; expand the super-intensive shrimp farm up to 8,000 ha and the improved extensive shrimp farm up to 250,000 ha. The total fund is over 2,730 billion dong, with 34.71% from the State budget, 1.54% from the local budget, and 63.74% from ODA and businesses.


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