Effective co-management in Bình Định coastal farming areas

Co-management system has been carried out in Bình Định coastal farming areas, creating natural balance in the ecosystem and providing residents with higher income.

Ecosystem around Bình Định coastal areas and ponds has been suffering bad impact from human activities such as explosion, toxic, electric fishing, and aquatic mollusk collection by water pumping.

Bình Định established twenty co-management systems to protect and develop marine resources in Thị Nại, Trà Ổ, Đề Gi and some coastal areas. Upon activities by co-management agencies, farmers willingly team up with local authorities to prevent, discover, trace and handle cases committed to illegal fishing and unregulated exploitation, protecting marine species. Co-management system in combination with marine eco-system protection and community-based tourismhas protected marine species and increase farmers’ income by local special products.

Besides, Bình Định established Quy Nhơn Bay Marine protection Centre under supervision from local authorities of Nhơn Lý, Nhơn Hải, Nhơn Châu communes and Ghềnh Ráng ward with total surface area of 36,357 ha. This system connects local community to protect and develop marine species, maintain biodiversity, prevent and reduce illegal fishing activities around Quy Nhơn coastal areas.

Vice Director of Bình Định provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department Trần Văn Phúc says local farmers will be informed regulations of marine resource management and exploitation. Provincial authorities of agriculture will restructure fishing boats in favor of fishing grounds and marine resources with low capacity boats being deactivated. Some marine exploitation sectors will be changed to reduce coastal exploitation output. Fishing boat registration and verification should be enhanced and fishing activities be supervised.


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