Cà Mau: Punish VND 1.4 billion, confiscate 1 vessel for trespassing

The Cà Mau provincial People’s Committee has just decided to punish a fishing vessel owner with a VND 1.4 billion fine and confiscate his vessel for trespassing into foreign waters.

Vice Chairman of the Cà Mau provincial People’s Committee Lâm Văn Bi has just decided to punish Nguyễn Văn Khải, 45, owner of the fishing vessel CM 99772 -TS and captain Lê Văn Buôn, 41, living in Sông Đốc town of Trần Văn Thời district, Cà Mau province with a VND 1.4 billion fine and confiscate all the vessel and relevant exhibits.

Khải, the vessel owner, was punished for committing nine faults with an approximately VND 1.4 billion fine, among which two faults were serious. The first one, with a VND 400 million fine, was using a fishing boat between 15m and 25m long while the exploitation license for fishing within Vietnam’s water was expired (220kg of sea cucumber was confiscated). The second one, with a VND 900 million fine, was exploiting seafood within the national water without a license (the vessel was confiscated).

The other faults involved an expired license of technical safety of the fishing vessel, uninstallation of the surveillance equipment without supervision of the provider, unavailable logbook and insurance for the crew, failure of informing the departure schedule as regulated by the fishing port management board.

Buôn, who is the captain but has no license or professional certificate and legal personal papers, is punished with a fine of VND 7.9 million. On August 09, in southwest ocean, about 100 nautical miles away from Nam Thổ Chu, the patrol force of the Vietnam Coast Guard region 4 discovered and checked the fishing vessel CM 99772-TS captained by Buôn.

At that time, the vessel CM 99772-TS couldn’t show any legal documents or papers, had no surveillance system installed on it and the captain didn’t have any documents or certificates as regulated. The Coast Guard handed over the case to the Headquarter of the Border Defense Corps of Vietnam for their consultation to the Cà Mau provincial People’s Committee prior to a proper punishment.

Cà Mau has about 5,000 vessels engaging in seafood exploitation, with 1,600 vessels working offshore.


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