Fishermen returned ashore with bumper catch

Fishermen from Tam Quang Commune, Núi Thành District, Quảng Nam province returned ashore with a heavy catch during their fishing trip to the Ocean near Hoàng Sa (Paracel) archipelago. They could enjoy a late Tết holiday (Lunar New Year) with family when soling out fishes.

On the seventh day of Tết (February 2nd ), fishing boat No. QNa-91945  of two fishermen Nguyễn Thanh Vương and  Đỗ Thanh Cảnh who located in Linh Sâm Đông town, Tam Quang Commune, Núi Thành District – the only fishing boat in Quảng Nam province have returned to ashore laden with 10 tons of fish.

The ship was docked in a private habour of Trần Thị Đông, located in An Hải Tây town, Tam Quang Commune, who is a fishmonger. At this time, two refrigerated vans with more than 20 women workers ashore are waiting to sort the fish. For the total of 50 tons of fish, Đông paid VND 50,000 (2,3 USD) a kilo. If fishermen want to sort the fish, the price rose from VND 30,000; VND 40,000 to VND 60,000, depending on the size. After discussing, two ship owners Vương and Cảnh decided to sold out fish with same price VND 50,000 because they have no choice.

Total catch of this fishing boat was 10 tonnes of mackerel scads. After deducting all expenses, the boat earned a profit of VND 400 million. One of the crew Trần Quốc Đông said: I earned VND 15 million from his 17 day fishing trip which was began one week before Tết holiday. But we just worked within two days including the first and second day of Tết holiday because rough sea on the other days. It’s our lucky when two days net a bumper batch of 10 tonnes of fish!

Ship-owner Nguyễn Thành Vương said that, while most people are busy shopping for food or clean their house in preparation for Tết holiday, we are instead of gearing up for more seafaring, far away from home and feel so sad but we enjoyed a bumper catch in return. After gathering some crews, we bring with us the traditional Tét cakes, 100 block ice, 7 tonnes of diesel, rice, fish sauce, vegetable, onion…and celebrating Tết in the water off Hoàng Sa island.

After soling out the fish, all fishermen enjoyed the late Tết holiday with their family until the sixteenth days would their new fishing trip if the weather is good.

Truong Hong – Minh Anh

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