Phú Yên: Cracking down on “three nos” fishing vessels

Phú Yên province is taking strict action against fishing vessels that lack registration, licensing, or inspection.

Some coastal areas within the province still struggle to manage and control “three nos” fishing vessels. Recently, a task force from the Provincial Steering Committee on IUU Fishing worked with coastal localities to combat IUU fishing activities. It was discovered that Sông Cầu town had 641 “three nos” fishing vessels, Tuy An district had 267, Đông Hòa commune had 147, Tuy Hòa city had 81 along with fishing vessels without VMS connectivity. In the first two months of 2024, Tuy Hòa city saw four fishing vessels trespassing sea waters and 29 fishing vessels without VMS connectivity. Most local authorities were lax in their management efforts, leading to unsupervised fishing ports and unreported seafood quantities as per regulations.

Nguyễn Tri Phương, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Phú Yên, stated that urgent measures had been proposed to rectify existing limitations and constraints in combating IUU fishing activities, aiming to complete them before April 2024. Additionally, People’s Committees of commune and ward are urged to collaborate with representative offices to inspect and control fishing activities at fishing ports promptly, ensuring timely processing of administrative violations or referring cases to competent authorities for penalties in accordance with regulations.

Lê Tấn Hổ, Vice Chairman of the Phú Yên Provincial People’s Committee, called on departments, sectors, and coastal localities to focus on decisively addressing existing limitations and constraints in IUU fishing activities. Simultaneously, strict measures should be taken against IUU fishing violations, resolutely preventing fishing vessels and fishermen from violating foreign waters.


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