Going offshore during Tet Holiday, farmers had a bumper catch of tuna

The Bình Định’s boats that went fishing during Tet Holiday 2019 have just arrived home for Lantern Festival greeting, with their boat full of ocean tuna and skipjack tuna.

Vice Director of Bình Định provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department Trần Văn Phúc said almost 1,200 high-capacity fishing boats went offshore during Tet Holiday 2019 and had a bumper catch of tuna. They came home one by one after January 6, 2019 Lunar Calendar with their boats full of tuna, making large amount of money.

After twenty days on the sea, a boat registered no.BĐ 95991 TS by farmer Lê Văn Bi, 49, living in Hoài Hương commune of Hoài Nhơn district, Bình Định province, arrived at Quy Nhơn fishing port finally. His bunker was filled with over two tons of tuna.

He said that he was lucky to catch a shoal of big fish. Each might be 35kg averagely, size for export. With market price of 130,000 dong/kg, he may earn 250-260 million VND. After expenses, he would have 120-130 million VND profit and each of his companies get 6-7 million dong.

Nguyễn Lượm, 28, living in Thiện Chánh 1 village of Tam Quan Bắc commune, Hoài Nhơn district, Bình Định province, went fishing on his boat registered no.BĐ 97997 TS and his catching was twofold more than Bi’s. After twenty days on the sea, Lượm’s boat arrived home on January 6, 2016 Lunar Calendar with four tons of tuna (122 pc, 70kg each, 102 tuna meet export standards).

According to Vice Chairman ofHoàiNhơn People’s Committee Nguyễn Chí Công, more than 720 fishing boat carrying over 5,000 fishermen of the district spent their Tet Holiday on the sea to catch tuna, cuttle-fish, and do tunny-net work. The boats caught a huge sum of tuna with at least 2-3 tons each.

Not only were lots of tuna caught by fishing boats, but also great skipjack tunas were loaded. The boat registered no. BĐ 97678 TS led by Nguyễn Hữu Phước in Tam Quan Bắc commune of Hoài Nhơn district went to the sea between Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands and caught 15 tons of striped tuna. “Hardly had anyone catch that much skipjack tuna. I was so lucky. The whole crew were hardworking and extremely happy”, said Phước.


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