Investigating fishing boat rammed by strange boat causing 13 fishermen in distress at sea

On 7th May, the Border Guard Post at Thuận An border gate located in Phú Vang district, Huế Province  informed that the local fishermen ‘fishing boats was rammed while catching at sea. They are investigating the case.

Previously, the Border Guard Post at Thuận An border gate received the report of Nguyễn Thanh Bình, owner fishing ship TTH97127TS in Phú Thuận commune, Phú Vang district on the attack by a strange vessel while pelagic fishing.

Bình said that, on 0h10’ 5th May, when catching at sea belonged to Huế province at a distance of 50 nautical miles from the shore (17-00.455N; 108-20.742E), his fishing ship TTH97127TS with 13 crew members was suddenly rammed by a fishing ship QT 91999 TS. This head-on attack tore a 60 cm diameter hole in the ship, flooding the ship’s deck, damaging totally electricity system of the ship. The fishermen call for a rescue but the ship QT91999TS ran away.

At a distance of 2 nautical miles apart, ship TTH93016TS notified of the fishermen’s signals for help and rescued 13 people in distress at sea and towed the fishing to the shore.

The authorities are investigating the case.


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