Norway shares experience in building a national seafood brand with Vietnam

The Norwegian Deputy Ambassador stated that Norway and Vietnam are among the world’s leading seafood exporters, with Norway ranking second and Vietnam third.

Norwegian Deputy Ambassador Mette Møglestue acknowledged that Norway highly values Vietnam’s goals in the seafood sector, which include reducing the exploitation of marine natural resources and enhancing marine aquaculture in suitable areas as outlined in the Fisheries Development Strategy towards 2030. “From Norway’s perspective, Vietnam is well-positioned to participate in the global value chain and to responsibly and sustainably utilize ocean resources,” emphasized Mette Møglestue.

Mette Møglestue also noted: “Vietnam and Norway have a longstanding cooperation in aquaculture and fisheries. The bilateral cooperation has transitioned from development aid to promoting trade. Currently, Norway and Vietnam are among the world’s leading seafood exporters.”

Norwegian Deputy Ambassador Mette Møglestue. Photo: Hong Tham

Recently, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Phung Duc Tien, visited Oslo, Norway, and met with Kristina Hansen, Norway’s Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry, and Fisheries. Sustainable fisheries, compliance, fisheries management and control, and Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing were discussed.

Recently, Deputy Minister of MARD Vietnam, Phung Duc Tien, along with Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam Hilde Solbakken and other leaders from both sides, reaffirmed their commitment to continued bilateral cooperation. They emphasized sharing experiences, exchanging experts, encouraging the transfer of technology in sustainable aquaculture, and promoting bilateral trade and investment.

Norway will provide technical support to develop standards for industrial marine aquaculture and share successful experiences in building a national brand for seafood products in the international market.

According to Mette Møglestue, as leading seafood exporting countries, Norway and Vietnam understand the importance of a strong national brand. Quality, nutritional value, and sustainable farming and fishing practices are crucial in enhancing the export value of seafood products. “Norway is always ready to share its knowledge and experience to support Vietnam in building a strong national brand for marine farming and seafood exports,” said Mette Møglestue.

Norway emphasizes sustainable development, environmental protection, and continuously enhances the economic value and global reputation of its seafood. Meanwhile, Vietnam has significant potential for sustainable aquaculture development. Through cooperation and sharing information and experiences, Norway and Vietnam can inspire each other to further enhance the export value of seafood, including building a strong national brand for Vietnam’s seafood exports.


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