Tough penalty for marine exploitation by banned fishing gears

The new regulation stipulates VND 70 million penalty, vehicle acquisition and license withdrawal on marine exploitation activities using banned fishing gears, electricity, prohibited substance and toxic. More serious cases can be brought into account.

Three-fold penalty

Director of An Giang Sub-department of Fisheries Trần Phùng Hoàng Tuấn said the Government issued Decree no.42/2019/NĐ-CP on 16 May 2019 regarding regulations in pecuniary penalty in fisheries. The Decree became effect on 05 July 2019. “Three-fold penalty will be imposed on cases involved in marine exploitation activities using banned fishing gears, electricity, banned substance and toxic in Decree no. 42/2019/NĐ-CP other than Decree no. 103/2013/NĐ-CP”, said Tuấn.

The Decree stipulates the imposition of pecuniary penalty of VND 2 – 3 million on violation involved in fishing tools, electrical fishing, VND 3 – 5 million on failure of fishing gears marking, VND 5-10 million on those using fishing gears to prevent or cause damage to individuals or organizations involved in legal exploitation, the same amount on those dropping anchors at the positions where others are engaged to legal fishing (except force majeure). Those committed in production, selling, transport and storage of banned fishing gears will be imposed a pecuniary penalty of VND 10 – 20 million. Those involved in marine exploitation by prohibiting fishing gears without being brought into account will be imposed a pecuniary penalty of VND 20-30 million.

Those whose fishing boats are found with toxic, prohibited substances and chemicals will got VND 10 – 20 million fine. Fishermen can get VND 50 – 70 million fine for using toxic, prohibited substances and chemicals without being brought into account.

According to Tuấn, besides pecuniary penalty, violated people will suffer from acquisition of banned fishing gears, exciter, electric generator, prohibited substances and chemicals, toxic and exploited marine species. Exploitation licenses will be withdrawn from 3-6 months when they use exciter or electric generator on their boats.


Prohibition of trawling

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) sent People’s Committees of districts, towns, cities and Waterway Police Office under Provincial Police an official document regarding implementation of Circular no.19/2018/TT-BNNPTNT dated 15 November 2018 by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (instructions to protect and develop marine resources).

Prefectures need cooperate with Waterway police, inspectors from DARD, and relevant forces to disseminate regulations about exploitation without using trawling in Tiền, Hậu rivers, streams, and channels in the province. Patrol and examination, even sudden inspection should be carried out to detect and promptly handle violated individuals and organizations.

DARD suggests Waterway Police Office of the Provincial Police to cooperate in dissemination and advising farmers to seriously follow legal regulations in exploitation and protection of marine resources.


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