Cà Mau: The measure of shrimp seed created in the territory satisfies 60% of the need for shrimp cultivating

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cà Mau territory said: The quantity of shrimp seed creation in the area meets around 60% of the interest for shrimp cultivating in the region, an expansion of 20% contrasted with 2012.

Also, in the territory, 90% of creation specialists are prepared in a similar specialized interaction as shrimp seed creation, and 100% of administrators in the field of value the board of shrimp seed is prepared to work on their aptitude, major; 90% of data set result is in the standard of creation; 70% of shrimp cultivating families ace the cycles, essential procedures in shrimp cultivating, 02 phases.

Cà Mau is one of the key fisheries financial districts of the country, the fisheries area offers more than 30% of the territory’s GDP. With north of 278,642 hectares of shrimp cultivating, the interest for shrimp seed for the cultivating regions in Cà Mau is almost 30 billion VND yearly. Nearby incubation center with 532 creation offices and 120 organizations, however little and divided creation, unacceptable framework, bad quality of seed, in spite of the fact that Cà Mau benefits colossal benefit on broodstock.

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