Inspect the white leg shrimp broodstock production facilities in overseas

The inspectorate of the Directorate of Fisheries has just ended their patrol tothe two production facilities of white leg shrimp broodstock in Singapore and Thailand.

The Shrimp Improvement System Singapore is the subsidiary of Shrimp Improvement System (SIS) addressed in Singapore to produce and export white leg shrimp to Vietnam. SIS has four facilities with the Center of white leg shrimp broodstock selection located in Miami of Florida, the US is responsible for selecting shrimps and providing postlarvae 10 (22-day-old ones) to the other SIS’s facilities in Hawaii, Singapore and India where they are nursed to become shrimp broodstock.

SIS Singapore, which was launched in 2005 in 90 Lim Chu Khang Lane 6F Singapore, has been halted after the Singapore Government confiscated the land. It is now the Singapore representative office to cover transaction document and store all export document of shrimp broodstock to Vietnam and some other Asian countries. For each cargo of shrimp broodstock sold to Vietnam, there must be a Sale contract (with information of quantity, price, time, place of delivery, guarantee conditions), Effective quarantine certificate, Mill certificate, and records of selection and nursery. SIS has provided the Department of Animal Health with information of shrimp broodstock export for five years. Moreover, the Company stores full relevant document such as health certificate, quarantine certificate, and full export document for each cargo to Vietnam. The inspection showed that dangerous diseases have been controlled upon the warning by the World organization for Animal Health (OIE).

In Thailand, the Inspectorate came to visit Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (C.P) and concluded that C.P had two synchronous well-equipped facilities with qualified staff. C.P had a good performance and surveillance system, assuring biological safety and specific pathogen free, meeting the requirements to export shrimp broodstock to Vietnam. Besides, full document such as health certificate, and export document for each cargo to Vietnam is carefully stored. Dangerous diseases have been controlled upon the warning given by OIE. C.P is using the water rotated farming system and controlling the feed and environmental parameters in growing ponds, and usually taking samples for test to prevent possible diseases so that shrimp can weigh up well. The Directorate of Fisheries will continue to send an inspectorate to trace the origin of shrimp broodstock exported to Vietnam.


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