Pangasius exports to EU be positive again

In seven months of 2018, Vietnam’s pangasius exports reach 1.198 million USD, up 19.3% compared to the previous year with three main buyers China, Hong Kong, US and EU.

China – Hong Kong: pangasius exports to China and Hong Kong declined in July 2018 with 38.4 million USD while it was 48.4 million USD in June. Exports to these two markets in seven months of 2018 reached 289.8 million USD, up 40.6% year on year and accounted for 24.2% of total pangasius exports of the country.

US – EU: pangasius exports to these two markets have been positive in seven months this year. By July the export value to US and EU has reached 255.3 million USD (+15.6%) and 139.1 million USD (+16.5%) respectively year on year.

There was a noticeable increase in sales recorded in the US in July with nearly 58.5 million USD, accounting for 30% of total pangasius exports. The trade war between the US and China enables Vietnam’s pangasius enterprises to gain tilapia market shares in the US market. It is forecasted that if the catfish investigation program of the United States does not influence Vietnam’s pangasius export to this market, this increase will continue. Additionally, Vietnam’s pangasius enterprises persist in working with buyers in the US.

The sales to EU increased by 16.5% year on year with 139.1 million USD.  This is a positive signal after three consecutive years of stagnation. Noticeable increases in sales were recorded in Neverland (+43%) and Italy (+83.1%) with 38.1 million USD and 14 million USD respectively.

ASEAN: pangasius exports to three markets Thailand, Philippines and Singpapore were positive in seven months of 2018. Export value reached 40.2 million USD to Thailand, 26.8 million USD to Singapore and 23 million USD to Philippines, up  41,2%; 26,9% và 37,7% respectively compared to the same periodlast year. So far ASEAN has been the fourth largest importer of Vietman’spangasius with total 110.6 million USD in seven months of the year, up 38.5% year on year..

Mexico – Brazil – Colombia: pangasius exports to these three markets have increased last year since exports to the US and EU slightly diminished. However they are diminishing in July as export value decreased between 16% and 52% year on year. By the end of July, export value to Mexico has reached 52.4 million USD (-5.3%), Brazil 43.3 million USD (-31.2%), Colombia 32.7 million USD (2.8%) as compared to the same period last year.

UAE: there was strong growth in sales of pangasius to UAE in seven months of the year with 32.7 million USD (+138%). Enterprises are boosting its sales to Saudi Arabia as this market has been frozen. Pangasius export value is forecasted to be recorded with triple-digit increases.


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