Sa Pa: Deeply processing cold-water fish

Cold-water fish in Sa Pa are deeply processed into a variety of products to
increase their value and stabilize income for fish farmers.

Cold-water fish from Sa Pa are consumed in many markets within and outside
Lao Cai province but sales are not stable. Therefore, some local cooperatives
have invested in deep processing of cold-water fish products, especially Sa Pa
salmon. The Thức Mai seafood, salmon, sturgeon processing Cooperative in
Can Hồ Mông village, of Ngũ Chỉ Sơn commune (Sa Pa, Lào Cai) is a pioneer.
To date, the cooperative has produced 10 OCOP standard products, including:
salmon flakes, salmon sausages, salmon pâté, salmon ham, salmon fillets,
salmon cuts, and smoked salmon.
According to Trần Thị Lan Hương, Deputy Head of the Economic Division of
Sa Pa Town, in 2023, the Sa Pa authorities have been promoting livestock for
safety and sustainability assurance, without using prohibited substances, and
encouraging the establishment of cooperatives. Currently, there are 307 cold-
water fish farming facilities in the town, and 5 enterprises and cooperatives
engaged in deep processing, including Song Nhi trading and service Co., Ltd.,
Thức Mai seafood, salmon, sturgeon processing Cooperative, Minh Đức
Cooperative, Nguyễn Trọng Quỳnh household, and Thành Đạt Comprehensive
trade and service Cooperative.
The processing capacity of these units can reach over 300 tons per year on
average. Currently, there are about 20 products processed from salmon and
sturgeon in the area. Prominent products include Sa Pa salmon flakes, Sa Pa
salmon sausages, Sa Pa salmon pâté, Sa Pa salmon ham, Sa Pa salmon rolled
with cheese, and Sa Pa sturgeon sausages.
The Lào Cai Department of Agriculture and Rural Development sets a goal of
increasing the production of goods, establishing a value chain, and ensuring a
stable market for over 20% of the total aquatic product output.


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