Sóc Trăng seafood export leads the country

According to VASEP, until the end of July 2021, Sóc Trăng seafood export is leading the country with 570 million USD, accounting for 11.3% of the total turnover. 

Particularly, shrimp export accounted for 94% with 535 million USD, and the rest was chả cá, surimi, squid, octopus and other mollusk products. Sóc Trăng shrimp export has also led the country, which accounted for one fourth of the national shrimp export.  Whiteleg shrimp accounted for 95% of the province’s shrimp export value, and black tiger shrimp accounted for 4% only. Currently, Sóc Trăng has 20 seafood export enterprises, of which the 5 biggest ones specializing in shrimp processing and export constituted 75% of the provincial seafood export turnover.

Cà Mau ranked second in seafood export in the first 7 months of 2021 with 543 million USD, accounting for 10.7%. This province has strength in shrimp farming, processing and export. Cà Mau shrimp export in the given period constituted 91% of the provincial seafood export value. The products with the second-highest export value were chả cá, surimi, which accounted for nearly 6%.

Considering only the export of black tiger shrimp, Cà Mau led the country with 175 million USD, accounting for 54% of the total turnover in the first 7 months. Some enterprises exporting a large quantity of black tiger shrimp are Minh Phú Seafood Corporation, Minh Cường Seafood Import – Export Processing Joint Stock Company, Anh Khoa Seafoods, Cà Mau Seafood Processing and Service Joint Stock Corporation, Phú Cường – Kiên Cường Company Limited, Nam Việt Seafood Import Export Joint Stock Company, etc.

Currently, Cà Mau has about 60 seafood export enterprises, in which the top 5 include Minh Phú Seafood Corporation, Cà Mau Seafood Processing and Service Joint Stock Corporation, Minh Quý Seafood Co., Ltd, CAMIMEX GROUP and SEAPRIMEXCO. These enterprises account for 69% of the provincial seafood export.

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