The Mekong Delta Provinces: Pangasius exports aim to reach USD 2.3 billion in 2023

On December 16, in Hồng Ngự city of Đồng Tháp province, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in association with Đồng Tháp provincial People’s Committee held a Review Conference of pangasius sector in 2022 and mission and solution in 2023.

According to the Ministry, as of November 2022, the total pangasius output reached 1.526 million tons, up 4% from the same period last year, exporting a total worth of USD 2.19 billion, up 66.9% from the same period of 2021. The average exporting price of pangasius fillet rose by 28-66%. The price of pangasius material also increased to 27,000-29,000 dong/kg, 7,000 dong/kg higher than the same period last year.

The pangasius sector sets a target of producing 1.6 million tons in 2023 with a total export value of USD 2.3 billion. However, the pangasius sector in the Mekong Delta should establish a value chain between farmers and businesses, plan a production area, build pangasius processing facilities, and diversify products to increase the value.

Dương Quốc Nghĩa, Chairman of Vietnam Pangasius Association said that pangasius farmers in the Mekong Delta were excited with the rising price and the accessending demand for Vietnamese pangasius in most of the markets, 40-200%. The largest markets of Vietnamese pangasius are China and the US, accounting for 30% and 23% respectively.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development said that in 2022 the pangasius sector overcame difficulties due to the disruption in the global value chain and promptly seized the market opportunity after the pandemic to produce and export, making a great contribution to the growth of the fisheries industry.

Tiến emphasized that for further development of the pangasius sector, localities must follow regulations in breeding conditions, especially the Law on Fisheries regarding the application of quality management and biosafety systems.

Besides, projects of improving pangasius quality will be deployed. Localities must control the production to provide enough high quality fries and lower the cost.

Huỳnh Minh Tuấn, Vice Chairman of Đồng Tháp People’s Committee said that Đồng Tháp was the largest pangasius provider of the Mekong Delta, accounting for over 33% of the area and 34.8% of the output of pangasius all over the region. The province made nearly 40% of the country’s pangasius export turnover ratio. The province has selected pangasius as one of the five key categories.

 “With an aim to enhance the value chain of pangasius sector and turn pangasius into the key exporting category of the province for sustainability and efficiency assurance, as well as improve productivity and quality to satisfy the market demand, Đồng Tháp provincial People’s Committee issued the Plan no.309/KH-UBND regarding the development of pangasius in Đồng Tháp up to 2025 for sustainable and modern direction based on the application of advanced technology into production and management to increase productivity, quality, efficiency, environmental production and adaptation to climate change”, said Tuấn.


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