Tiền Giang: Prices rise high, farmers breeding fish in cages earn good profit

Caged fish farming in the Tiền river of Tiền Giang province brought in good profit when prices were at high, farmers were pleasant.

After prices dropped in a while, farmers breeding fish in cages in Tiền Giang are now pleasant with an increase in prices and good profit. The red tilapia price is 10,000 dong/kg higher than the same period last year. The grass carp price reaches a record high, over 60,000 dong/kg, thus farmers earn nearly 20,000 dong/kg. Such an increase was attributed to the fact that the stocking density and the number of rafts reduced by over 40% from previous years, resulting in a “demand over supply” situation and the market was in a strong need of fish reared in cages.

Tiền Giang has more than 1,000 cages to culture fish in the Tiền river, mainly red tilapia and grass carp. Mỹ Tho city, Cai Lậy district, and Cái Bè district have the most cages.

Even though the feed price stays high, the water environment hasn’t been stable, and farmers incur some losses, but such steady prices have made Tiền Giang farmers happy and pleasant with expanding the culture model.

Mai Thọ, who has six red tilapia cages in Thới Sơn of Mỹ Tho city shared: “The price of red tilapia is really high at this moment, 48,000-49,000 dong/kg, farmers can earn about 5,000 dong/kg. Such a high price has lasted for months, making more farmers stocking this species”.


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