Vietnam’s seafood exports in eighty months reach over five billion USD

According to Agriculture and Rural Development Department, the sea weather in August 2018 was unfavorable to marine exploitation. Boats were facing difficulties, especially those working with gill net.

D – Fisheries said that despite influence from Bebinca storm in August, people stayed safe and no serious damage incurred to boats and farming units as local authorities raised timely prevention method.

Total production in August is expected to reach 683.6 thousand tones (+6.1% year on year) with 322.8 thousand tons from exploitation and 360.7 thousand tons from farming. Total yield in eight months of 2018 is estimated to reach 4,929.1 thousand tons (+5.8%) with 2,398 thousand tons from exploitation (+5%) and 2,531 thousand tons from farming (+6.6%). This number accounts for 65.6% of 2018 growth target.

As for aquaculture, total area for black tiger shrimp has reached 647,266.5 hectares by August and white leg shrimp 73,421 hectares. The harvest makes up 429,400 tons with 192,300 tons of black tiger shrimp and 238,100 tons of white leg shrimp. Pangasius are being farmed in 5,050 hectares and sold at high price (26,700 VND per kilogram) which is 5,500 VND higher than the same period last year. Seafood exports between August 01 and August 15 reached 369.3 million USD and cumulative in eight months is 5,097.8 million USD.


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