Hải Phòng plans nearly 2,000 ha for clam culture in Tiên Lãng district

Besides terminating clam farms without licenses in the coastal area of Hải An, Kiến Thụy, and Tiên Lãng districts, Hải Phòng provincial People’s Committee plans to use 1,900 ha of land for clam cultivation in Tiên Lãng district, and create favorable conditions for households to culture seafood and develop the economy.

Hải Phòng provincial People’s Committee agrees to plan a clam farming area in Tiên Lãng district up to 2030, totalling 1,900 hectares divided into two zones. Zone one is for those who shift from coastal exploitation to aquaculture or residents who make their living by aquaculture. Anyone in need will be granted a farming section of less than 1 hectare. 

Zone two is for experienced clam farmers who will be granted a farming section of 10 ha each. According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hải Phòng, clam cultivation has been experimented in this area with good efficiency.

Before that, spontaneous clam farms had been removed and evacuated from coastal areas in Kiến Thụy, Tiên Lãng, and Hải An districts. They had been operating without license, even encroaching upon the planned culture area. Households surrounded the sand to build their own clam farms, resulting in conflicts and local disorders, restraining the travel of boats, survey work, disaster countermeasures, and boat search and rescue.

During the talks with households about the removal and evacuation of unlicensed clam farms, representatives of institutes of Hải Phòng city said that the city would prioritize the documents of clam farms built on the planned area and by those who executed the order of removing clam farms from Hải An and Kiến Thụy districts.

 “Clam households will be arranged upon their actual farming conditions and legal regulations”, Lê Anh Quân, Vice Chairman of Hải Phòng People’s Committee.

Hải Phòng People’s Committee informed that households related to clam cultivation in Hải An, Kiến Thụy, and Tiên Lãng could register with People’s Committee in communes and wards where they live before December 15, 2022.


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