Cà Mau: Farmers reap an abundant shrimp-rice crop at good prices

In 2023, farmers in U Minh district (Cà Mau province) spent 4,360 hectares of rice fields on stocking giant river prawns with a rotation model, and they are currently reaping the harvest. In recent days, farmers have expedited the harvesting process as prices are rising.

This year, farmer Trần Chí Linh in Hamlet 9, Khánh Thuận commune, raised 30 thousand all male shrimp on an one-hectare pond. Linh actively supplemented the shrimp feed in the last two months before harvesting, resulting in rapid shrimp growth and a decent yield.

Linh stated, “The shrimp are purchased by traders at 95 thousand dong/kg, an increase of over 20 thousand dong/kg compared to the previous month. I sold nearly 40 million dong worth of shrimp, and earned 30 million dong profit after deducting costs for shrimp seeds, feed, etc.”

This year, farmer Trần Văn Vàng in Hamlet 9, Khánh Thuận commune, stocked 32 thousand all male green shrimp in two hectares of rice fields with a rotation model, yielding over 400 kilograms. Vàng explained, “I reared crabs, fish, white leg shrimp, and giant river prawn, so additional feed is necessary.”

According to the report from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of U Minh district, in 2023, the district engaged in shrimp polyculture in rice fields, totalling 4,360 hectares, with Khánh Thuận commune accounting for 1,470 hectares. By this time, farmers in the district have harvested 1,450 hectares. Specifically, farmers in Khánh Thuận commune have harvested over 1,000 hectares, with an average yield of 350 kg/ha.

Tôn Trung Kháng, Head of Hamlet 9, Khánh Thuận commune, said that: “The polyculture of giant river prawn in rice fields has brought in a relatively high yield. In recent days, every household has harvested more than 400 kg, with some reaching 600-700 kg, and a few exceeding 1 ton of shrimp.”

Currently, the price of giant river prawn is increasing. Once 70-75 thousand dong/kg giant river prawn is now bought at 95-97 thousand dong/kg by traders. Farmers are accelerating the harvesting process, preparing for a more prosperous traditional Tet Holiday.


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