Cà Mau: The in-pond raceway aquaculture brings in high profit

During the flood season in the areas under the dilution with freshwater in Trần Văn Thời and U Minh districts of Cà Mau province, local farmers take advantages of ponds, channels, and ditches to rear fish and frogs in the in-pond raceway system, which helps bring in high economic efficiency and raise income. 

In the land of the U Minh Hạ forest of Khánh Bình Tây and Khánh Bình Tây Bắc communes of Trần Văn Thời districts, local farmers reared snakehead and tilapia in the in-pond raceway system and earned tens even hundreds of million dong per each crop.

This is a new way for farmers living in the land contaminated with alum, contributing to diversification of farmed species and creating qualified seafood products to serve the market.

Farmer Quách Thị Bông in Kênh Hòn hamlet of Khánh Bình Tây commune earns nearly 200 million dong from rearing snakehead in the in-pond raceway system.

Tilapia in-pond raceway is owned by Trương Trọng Nguyễn farmer (right cover) in Hamlet 4 of Khánh Bình Tây Bắc commune

Farmer Trương Trọng Nguyễn is harvesting tilapia in Hamlet 4 of Khánh Bình Tây Bắc commune. Tilapia is sold to traders at the farmgate price of 50,000 dong/kg. In the last crop, he spent two million dong on buying fries to fill each in-pond raceway and earned over 15 million dong after three months.


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