Central region: Fish farmers left empty-handed due to historic floods

A vast majority of fish cages were submerged in the severe floods in Quảng Minh commune of Ba Đồn town, Quảng Bình province.

The worst hit villages are Cồn Nâm and Tân Định which are two seperate places of Quảng Minh commune.

In the afternoon of October 21, we met and talked with farmer Lê Thị Tý, 57, in Tân Định village of Quảng Minh commune, who looked haggard on her boat full of dead fish to sell local farmers with cheap prices. Tý said she reared 3,000 sea bass but they were all submerged and washed away by the flood despite not reaching harvest sizes.

Farmer Hoàng Thị Sâm in Tân Định village of Quảng Minh commune said that she borrowed 120 million dong and spent it on fish cages where she stocked the fish last October. She lost them all in the run-up to harvest season.

Farmer Hoàng Thị Thỷ shed her tears sitting by cages full of dead fish due to the severe flood.

Farmer Lê Thị Tý tried to sell the dying fish in vain, hoping to get some money

The separate area in Quảng Minh commune was submerged in the flood

Farmer Trần Thị Lý cried when cleaning up her house from the mess of mud left by the flood

The flood caused devastating damages, making local farmers live on relief goods given by donors.


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