Đà Nẵng to co-operate in seafood production, sewage treatment with Japan

Đà Nẵng city will co-operate with the Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA) to build a seafood value chain in the city with a fund of 60 million Japanese yen (around VNĐ11 billion or US$528,000).

The city’s secretariat said the project, which will be implemented through Kushiro City’s Commercial and Industry Chamber, aims to support Đà Nẵng in personnel training for the improvement in hygiene and quality control of fish processing, distribution, and promotion of seafood from Kushiro City.The project will also help the city reduce odors at the Thọ Quang fishing port in Sơn Trà District.

As scheduled, experts from Kushiro will help Đà Nẵng improve the quality of their seafood before selling to Japanese restaurants, as well as boosting promotion programmes in Kushiro, Japan. 

Đà Nẵng city, which has 15, of fishing grounds, has a fleet of 2,300 fishing boats, of which 699 are deep-sea trawlers. Đà Nẵng’s seafood exports are worth about $113 million in 2016.

JICA has helped Đà Nẵng develop key infrastructure projects and environment improvement, including biomass liquid fertilizer from human waste for improving urban sanitation and training nurses in elderly care.This year, Đà Nẵng and JICA will start construction of an upgraded and expanded sewage treatment stations in Sơn Trà and Phú Lộc, as well as drainage systems.

The two six-year projects will cost VNĐ3.38 trillion (US$150 million), of which 85 per cent is being provided by the Japanese Government and VNĐ467 billion by the city. 

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