Đà river goes to the record dry, fish cage farmers suffering

It’s dry season and the water level has reduced to the lowest level for the last few years, making farmers related to fish cage farming in the Đà river in Thanh Thuỷ (Phú Thọ province), especially Xuân Lộc, suffer from serious loss as many cages were empty and some didn’t have any alive fish left.

Xuân Lộc commune has more than ten households related to fish cage farming in the Đà river, around 150 cages where red tilapia, lentil, carp and amur are mainly reared. Local farmers have to take up sand around cages and adopt solutions to increase oxygen level so as to reduce mortality rate.

Without water, many cages and rafts were exposed in the sand, farmers are looking forward to Hoà Binh hydropower plant’s flushing to reduce mortality.

Fish farmers consolidate fish cages

Fish farmers use pumps to take up sand around cages so as to prevent the sand from falling into the fish farming area.

Fish farmers pump water to create oxygen in cages and take up sand to reduce mortality.

Dead tiny fish are removed from cages but they don’t drift.

The number of dead fish in cages increase, farmers don’t have time to remove them while others are dying.

Dying fish are processed in cages to sell so as to reduce some losses.


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