Establishnational standards for agricultural products

That is proposal by corporates in the National convention of solution to encourage business investment into agriculture.

These standards are allegedly to protect trueproducers and consumers.Corporates attending the convention, accordingly, proposed to formulate a policy to encourage high tech appliance in agriculture.

In his speech, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized that it was unsound to have only 8 percent of business investment value into agriculture, for the most part of smallsized companies.  He said that there would be opportunities and potentials for Vietnam agriculture, especially in the fourth industrial revolution; therefore, the Government and corporates should be working closely to make Vietnam in the top countries providing agricultural products.

To achieve implementation of this program, Prime Minister required ministries, sectors and local authorities to fully carry out the newly issued decree no.57 of the Government regarding to the policy and scheme of encouraging business investment into rural and agriculture.Ministry of Investment and Planning was requested to promptly issue a circular instructing the implementation of decree no.57, by which corporates are provided with preferential policiesby the Government. Especially, it is necessary to carefullyreview, adjust, and reduce administrative procedures related to agriculture, firstly cutting 50 percent of administrative procedures in rural and agriculture.

Decree no.55 about credit policy for rural and agriculture development should be adjusted, giving maximum loan amount to individuals and householdswithout guarantee asset, offering credit policy to more subjects working in the field of high tech agriculture, allowing the asset acquired from the loan to implement projects or high tech appliance methodsas sort of guarantee asset. It is necessary to study for adjustment and proposal of reasonable tax polity to encourage business investment into agriculture.


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