Farmed cobia in Lý Sơn were found dead in mass due to harsh weather

Recently, commercial cobia farmed in ocean cages have been found dead inexplicably in Lý Sơn, leaving serious loss.

Nearly 1,000 commercial cobia, 2kg each, of four ocean cages were found dead inexplicably in Lý Sơn on Sep 11, 2020. More than 12,000 commercial cobia, 0.5-5kg each, of ten farming rafts were found dead inexplicably three weeks ago.

After being reported on the massive death, competent authorities of Lý Sơn district of Quảng Ngãi province came to check and take samples for testing so as to find out the cause of death. The results said that fish were dead due to summer heat and low current which caused the lack of oxygen and massive death.

Competent authorities of Lý Sơn district warned local farmers to move cages to deep water on sunny days, avoid polluted areas and docks, and frequently clean farming cages.

Lý Sơn district has 45 rafts of commercial cobia on 11ha of water surface, with 200,000 cobia being stocked every year.


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