Global Means Flexible: Fresh Look on Fishery Business at Seafood Expo Eurasia

Shifts in world demographics and evolving trends in seafood consumption are significantly influencing international fish products trading system. Transformations bring forth fresh opportunities, crucially relevant in today’s landscape of restructuring international relationships.

Deep understanding of industry processes determined the basic principles of organizing new global exhibition, Seafood Expo Eurasia.

Positive outlook and global collaboration

Seafood Expo Eurasia acts as a new international exhibition connecting continents to create a positive atmosphere, that is sorely lacking today to continue the development of the fishing industry. It is in this dynamic context that we highlight the importance of collective solutions to current fisheries and aquaculture tasks. Our commitment is to create a platform for collaboration that encourages constructive interactions, even in the face of global uncertainty.

Embracing diversity for business expansion

A distinctive feature of Seafood Expo Eurasia is the great variety of attendees, creating a vibrant and inclusive platform for networking. This diversity transcends local events, providing participants with the opportunity to connect with a broad spectrum of potential clients, partners, and suppliers. New connections expand the global reach of business, facilitating relationships that transcend geographic boundaries.

Insight into worldwide market trends and expertise

Seafood Expo Eurasia serves as a gateway to innovations, offering exhibitors insights into the latest industry developments, consumer preferences, and trends on a worldwide scale. The event will host an extensive program featuring world-class experts discussing both overarching main world issues and market specifics in Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East, and Latin America. This unique blend of global perspective and regional expertise ensures that participants stay ahead of the curve, adapting to the dynamic landscape of international seafood market.

What makes Seafood Expo Eurasia truly international fair?

Turkish market is very promising, but the country’s growing role in seafood logistics is now much more important for the global fishery industry development. Amid rising international tensions and restrictions impacting shipping trade worldwide, Turkey, with its advantageous geographical location, developed transport sector, and sound trade policies, emerges as a country capable of restoring disrupted supply chains. This is the reason why Seafood Expo Eurasia will be held here.

Join us in Istanbul, historic crossroads linking Europe and Asia. Once again, it will serve as a bridge connecting continents and people from all corners of the world. Save the date for new fishery, aquaculture and processing exhibition at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul, May 15-17, where global collaboration and positive perspectives converge.

Visitor registration is free and available here.


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