Grobest Industrial Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Grobest Vietnam) has officially signed a partnership with the National Agricultural Extension Center (NAEC), a subsidiary of Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), both entities have pledged dedicated joint effort towards promoting advanced shrimp farming methods and science-backed shrimp nutrition practices in Vietnam, with the objective of fostering a robust and sustainable shrimp sector for the country.

A strategic alliance for real and transformative changes

As the leading expert in aquaculture nutrition on the market, Grobest Vietnam has consistently upheld sustainable development as the guiding principle in all of its operational, research, and product development plans. In the past year, Grobest’s shrimp farming model and products have successfully reached more shrimp farmers with the support from the National Agricultural Extension Center, forging a valuable partnership that enhances agricultural outreach and impact. Accordingly, this is the driving factor leading to the partnership agreement between Grobest Vietnam and NAPC to further solidify their joint commitment to supporting Vietnamese shrimp farmers. This collaboration aims to fortify farmers’ resilience and competitiveness through the adoption of innovative technology and strategic planning, enabling the country’s shrimp industry to regain prominence on the global stage and stand firm against major rising competitors like Ecuador and India.

At the MoU signing ceremony, Mr. Pham Hai Van, General Manager of Grobest Vietnam shared: “Grobest Vietnam remains steadfast in our commitment to reducing production costs per kilogram of shrimp – the crucial solution for the Vietnamese shrimp industry in the current landscape. We believe that sustainable growth and increased profitability for farmers are paramount to the long-term success of Vietnam’s shrimp industry.”

For his part, Mr. Le Quoc Thanh, Director of the National Agricultural Extension Center particularly emphasized the critical role of this partnership. “It is important to note that the social impact will be significantly heightened once state resources allocated to the promotion of the agriculture sector receive additional support from international organizations and community-based networks, as well as private enterprises. We hope that organizations and outstanding enterprises like Grobest Vietnam can collaborate effectively to enhance communication and reach out to industry producers in general, and shrimp farming households in particular, to deliver the most positive and beneficial solutions to the community.”

Representatives from Grobest Vietnam and NAEC at the signing ceremony

Central to this partnership is a focused effort to provide farmers nationwide with access to enhanced shrimp farming practices. This is achieved through the introduction of highly efficient super-intensive farming techniques and improved nutrition supplies. The models and products offered by Grobest Vietnam are specifically designed to reduce production costs, optimize nutrition programs, and promote environmentally responsible practices. With the support of NAEC in promoting these initiatives to a wider shrimp farming community, farmers will benefit from more effective and updated farming methods and products. The collaborative initiative aims to enhance economic efficiency while advancing the overarching goal of industry sustainability.

Innovative solutions: The path to sustainable growth and economic gains

At the forefront of this effort are the shared plan to promote innovative solutions that help reduce production costs, provide appropriate nutritional regimes, manage the environment effectively, reduce emissions, and ultimately bring higher economic efficiency to farmers. 

The first emphasis is on comprehensive solutions aimed at assisting farmers in cutting production costs per kilogram of shrimp. Leveraging shrimp farming models like GROFARM and GROFARM PRO, these efforts have significantly aided numerous farming households in adopting optimal nutrition practices, implementing environmental management, and reducing emissions. This has resulted in a substantial decrease in production costs and the attainment of high economic efficiency, with a success rate exceeding 85% in each crop. 

GROFARM PRO – Grobest’s effective High Yield – Low Cost super-intensive farming model to achieve the goal of reducing production cost per kilogram

The second focus is on promoting efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable feed products throughout the shrimp farming season. Grobest offers innovative products like GROSHIELD, enhancing shrimp resistance to diseases, and Super Shield EHP, preventing Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) with a 100% disease-free rate. Recently, Grobest Vietnam relaunched its renown product lines The Best New and introduced Advance, which, paired with the precedented Advance Pro, offers an an unprecedented optimal protein content of 36%, setting a new market-standard protein ratio that would effectively reduce production cost per kilogram, boost profitability and mitigate environmental impacts.

Grobest Vietnam’s rich and diversified product portfolio meets the varying needs of shrimp, contributing to economic gains and sustainability throughout the season

This partnership has indeed signified a mutual dedication to promoting customized shrimps farming products and services tailored to meet the distinct requirements of Vietnam’s shrimp farming sector. Grobest’s diverse solutions are poised to propel the industry towards a future characterized by sustainability and prosperity, positioning the company as a trusted leader in the industry. 

As this transformative collaboration takes place in the near future, stakeholders from both Grobest Vietnam and NAEC eagerly anticipate the concrete strides that will shape Vietnam’s shrimp industry landscape in 2024 and beyond. With sustainability serving as the guiding principle, this partnership lays the groundwork for a brighter, more prosperous outlook for Vietnam’s shrimp farmers and the nation’s shrimp industry at large.

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