Grobest Vietnam was honoured as Best Aquaculture Feed Producer at the Vietstock Awards 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City on October 11. The award ceremony for the livestock and aquaculture industry was organised under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Vietstock Awards 2023 underwent evaluation and selection by the Award Committee, comprising representatives from the Directorate of Fisheries and the Directorate of Animal Husbandry, as well as other respected organisations and agencies. The award signifies a significant milestone that acknowledges Grobest Vietnam’s positive contributions to the aquaculture industry for over two decades.

Pham Hai Van, General Manager of Grobest Vietnam said, “We have strived to provide a diverse and rich portfolio of products and services since our inception. This award fills us with immense pride, underscoring the recognition of our team’s accomplishments over more than 20 years.”

Grobest Vietnam remains committed to the continuous investment, research, and development of its strengths to further fulfill a commitment to contribute to Vietnam’s sustainable aquaculture landscape, Van added.

Best Aquaculture Feed Producer

Pham Hai Van (middle) receiving flowers and the award plaque from Pham Kim Dang, deputy director of the Directorate of Animal Husbadry, and Rungphech Rose Chitanuwat, regional portfolio director for ASEAN at Informa Markets Group

This year, the Vietstock Awards presented 18 awards in the livestock sector and seven awards in the aquaculture sector. To secure these prestigious awards, Grobest Vietnam, along with other industry players, demonstrated their robust presence and substantial contributions to the sector’s advancement.The entities also had to meet strict evaluation criteria, revolving around core topics such as legal compliance, operational scale, technical efficiency, social responsibility, environmental friendliness, sustainable development, and value chain integration.

Best Aquaculture Feed Producer

Grobest Vietnam has two modern production plants located in Dong Nai province

Since its establishment, Grobest Vietnam has maintained its position as a top expert in aquatic nutrition nationwide. As of 2023, the company employs more than 1,100 staff across two modern factories in Dong Nai province. Throughout its operations, Grobest Vietnam has upheld its position as a pioneering company, diligently adhering to and fully complying with legal obligations regarding production processes, product quality, occupational safety, employee welfare, and tax obligations to the state.

Meanwhile, shrimp feed is at the core of Grobest Vietnam’s business. At present, alongside their  daily feed products, it has introduced a variety of functional feed to the market, catering to different needs and stages in the production process, such as immune-enhancing feeds, daily healthcare feeds, and growth-enhancing feed. Many products, including The Best, Super Shield, and Vannamei, have earned the trust of many shrimp farmers. According to the assessment by the Award Committee at the Vietstock Awards this year, Grobest Vietnam’s feed has the lowest feed conversion ratio in the market, helping farmers optimise costs for their production.

Grobest Vietnam also places emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture. The company has researched and applied a comprehensive nutrition solution known as the 360° Nutrition Solution to enhance aquatic species’ absorption of vital nutrients from feeds while minimising discharges and preventing water pollution.The notable products Advance and Advance Pro have pioneered a 36%  crude protein content to help minimise excess protein in ponds while providing optimal nutrition for shrimp.

Additionally, since 2021, Grobest Vietnam has implemented GROFARM, a comprehensive shrimp farming solution in an increasingly challenging environment. This model creates an open ecosystem for the entire value chain, helping farmers reduce the cost of production per kilogram of shrimp, with a success rate of over 85 per cent.

Earlier this year, the company introduced GROFARM PRO, an upgraded version of GROFARM with notable advancements in technology, nutrition programmes, and a strong focus on sustainable development and environmental protection. Furthermore, Grobest Vietnam has also partnered with reputable post larvae producers, providing a quality source of post larvae for the shrimp industry based on Grobest’s technical standards.

Best Aquaculture Feed Producer

After over three years of implementation, GROFARM has achieved a success rate of over 85 per cent.

Today, Grobest Vietnam delivers its products and services to thousands of aquaculture households in 28 key provinces and cities across the country. Securing the “Best Aquaculture Feed Producer Award” at Vietstock Awards 2023 energizes Grobest Vietnam to persistently advance our strengths, propelling us to drive the success of aquaculture nationwide.

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