Hà Tĩnh lost 1.3 million postlarvae due to white spot disease

Shrimp farmers in Kỳ Anh town of Hà Tĩnh are suffering from more than 1.3 million postlarvae being infected with white spot disease, leaving a great loss of tens of millions dong of investment cost.

Kỳ Trinh ward, which has been considered the largest shrimp farm in Kỳ Anh town, has 240ha of white leg shrimps and black tiger shrimps. Close to 144ha has been stocked so far; however, eight households have suffered from losing 5.4ha of white leg shrimps due to white spot disease outbreak since April 02.

Farmer Trần Văn Tiến, in the Hòa Lộc group, Kỳ Trinh ward) said: “As of April 02, it had been one month since I did the stocking. I found them dull, drifted on shore on the day, and ten days later more than one million postlarvae were found dead. With my experiences in cultivation, I think they were killed by white spot disease”. He informed the local government for countermeasures over white spot disease outbreak to minimize the possible damages.

Farmer Nguyễn Quang Sâm, in Tây Hà village of Kỳ Hà commune, are suffering great loss when 1,3 million postlarvae were infected with white spot disease. Kỳ Nam and Kỳ Ninh communes are seeing the same situation.

According to Kỳ Anh’s Center of Technique and Science Appliance and Plant and Animal protection, 70% of the white leg shrimp and black tiger shrimp farms have been stocked. However, since March 26, more than 8ha of white leg shrimp and 13.3 million of postlarvae have been infected with white spot disease and found dead.


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