Productive practice of farming blood cockle in shrimp ponds

The practice of farming blood cockles in shrimp ponds has brought in high profit for Bạc Liêu’s farmers. 

Many households in Đông Hải district are carrying out a model of extensive shrimp cultivation in combination with stocking blood cockles and fish. The district has nearly 600ha of blood cockles-shrimp farm, mainly in An Phúc, An Trạch A and Long Điền Tây communes and along the Gành Hào – Hộ Phòng chanel, according to the department of Agriculture and Rural Development. This model has brought high profit to local farmers, more than 100 million dong/ha on average. Trang Minh Cảnh in An Trạch A commune who has 4ha of blood cockle-shrimp farm said that “Blood cockles are easy to farm without technical difficulties. All you have to do is to buy broodstocks for stocking in shrimp ponds, caring and waiting for harvest”.

However, according to many farmers, not all regions can raise blood cockles because it requires frequent drawing out of water to improve the environment. Any shrimp ponds with seaweed growing at the bottom are not suitable for blood cockles because they will die after stocking. Blood cockles eat alluvium, hence, they weigh up well in the region that experiences frequent tides.

The practice is being encouraged and expanded in provincial areas with favorable nature conditions.


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