Phú Yên: Substantial income from raising no-mud eel

The model of Mr. Dao Tan Lai, who is based in Vinh Ba hamlet, Hoa Dong commune (Tay Hoa District, Phu Yen Province) is one of the most typical models of raising no-mud eel. The profit he earns annually is 150 million VND, contributing to developing the household economy.

In 2017, after paying a visit to an eel-raising model in Dong Nai province, Mr. Dao Tan Lai boldly invested 150 million VND to raise no-mud eel. According to Mr. Lai, eel has a strong immune system, few diseases and is easy to raise. Eel is also such a nutritional food that is favored by the market, which could lead to successful opportunities.

Mr. Lai shared his experience that at the beginning, because of lack of experience, he utilized the stocking ratio of 300 eels/m2. The rate of dead eels was still considerably high, accounting for 20 – 30% though just 5000 stocking eels had been put in each batch. After several batches, Mr. Lai gradually improved the situation, making the loss rate decrease, which has been 3% each batch so far. In the process, he has split the stocking regarding size, and has simultaneously fed eels with various food resources, including trashfish, earthworm and industrial bran twice a day. Moreover, he usually supplements vitamins and minerals in order to improve immune system, uses aquatic disinfectant for stocking environment treatment and uses enzymes in every feed to prevent eels from intestinal diseases. 

Currently, Mr. Lai has 10.000 eels each batch, and after 8 months they will be sold at the price of over 100.000VND/kg (now is 180.000VND/kg). Mr. Lai is building a new 50m2 stocking area to expand the production scale. On average, his family earns 150 million VND of net profit annually from raising eels.


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