HATCH International Aquaculture Mixer 2023

HATCH International Aquaculture Mixer held on September 24, 2023 in Ho Chi Minh city. In this event, the 6 startups had a short introductory session with novel technologies for the seafood sector. 

Hatch Blue is an early-stage aquaculture VC that is on a mission to rapidly advance innovation in cultured seafood through investment, expertise and insight. Hatch Blue runs an annual aquaculture startup accelerator for global high potential aquaculture and alternative seafood startups.

The programme, which kicked off on 26 June and runs until 28 September, will feature companies from sectors including nutrition, genetics, health, ocean conservation and the wider aquaculture supply chain and have a particular focus on applications in North America and Southeast Asia and focus on species including shrimp, seaweed, salmon, marine plants and ornamental fish. Hatch will initially invest $150,000 – $300,000 in each of companies, with the possibility of follow-on funding.

Overview of HATCH International Aquaculture Mixer 2023 in HCM city

The Hatch Accelerator 5.0 is touring the aquaculture industry around the Mekong Delta from Wednesday 20 September onwards. The HATCH team and 6 innovative aquaculture startups toured Vietnam this week. The 6 startups had a short introductory session while attendees could meet with them and other aquaculture industry stakeholders. Along the value chain, the speakers came up with new solutions to ensure a climate-smart, truly sustainable and just seafood transition.

The world seafood industry is facing many changes. This is the opportunity to catalyse an innovative seafood industry and scale impactful business through knowledge, investment and ecosystem building. This structure offered them valuable opportunities to meet with, and learn from, an international selection of experts and investors.

Some picture about activities in this event:


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