Huế province: Fishermen eager for start of Rò fish season

After more than one year, the fishermen in Huế province in the central coast of Vietnam have started their first fishing trips with a heavy catch of Rò fish – a kind of small fish that looks like anchovy.

With daily catch of about 5-10 kg of Rò fish by net, a fisherman can earn high profit VNĐ 300.000/1,5 kg basket (13 USD ). If using trawling, one fisherman can catch 40-50 kg of fish per day, earning VNĐ 15 million (652 USD) or even VNĐ 25-30 million. Rò fish is collect to raise at lagoon or used as raw material for special fish sauce. According to Thừa Thiên Huế province’s Agriculture and Rural Development, fries fish production completely depends on wild fish stocks.

The big catches of Rò fish not only resume fishermen’s jobs but also recover the production of coastal fishing villages in Thừa Thiên Huế province.


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