Kona Bay offers distinct lines of shrimp to optimize shrimp quantity

Hendrix Genetics is a global livestock breed company that is active in laying hens, turkeys, traditional poultry, pigs, salmon and shrimp and has made rapid progress in all species by application of advanced breeding technologies.

Hendrix Genetics produces different product lines across all species, each tailor-made to suit specific market conditions and/or production systems. The Kona Bay breeding program adopted this philosophy soon after Hendrix Genetics acquired the company. As a result, three distinct shrimp genetic lines are now being offered to the market.

The same science applies to shrimp

 Around the world, shrimp are cultured in extremely diverse environments. Three main production systems can be categorized, each with different types of management and intensification:

  • Intensive production system with controlled oxygen level, high stocking density, high quality feed and high level of control over disease pressure. These systems tend to be short cycle to reduce risk.
  • Medium intensive system with aeration, medium stocking density, medium quality feed, some control measures of disease pressure and moving towards medium cycle.
  • Low inlet system, no aeration, low quality feed, no disease prevention and long farming cycle.

All of these systems are economically diverse and account for a significant share of global shrimp production.

Different systems, different shrimp lines

To optimize production levels for these different systems and provide customers with the best shrimp farming solutions, Hendrix Genetics recently introduced three different genetic lines under the Kona Bay brand:

  • Kona Bay Speed ​​
  • Kona Bay Strength
  • Kona Bay Balance

The production efficiency of each of these individual lineages is maximized for a limited set of traits to optimize the production efficiency of the genetic strain in a particular production system. Precision-bred products thrive in specific environments.

As a result, Kona Bay Speed ​​is specifically designed for rapid growth. It is a product line for intensive growth, high quality feed and clean controlled environments.

Kona Bay Strength is made for harsh farming conditions, lower water quality and stronger disease pressure.

Kona Bay Balance was created for intermediate environments where a little more control is possible and where farmers are focusing on growth.

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