Success in seed production of slipper-lobster

Scientists of the Research Institute for Aquaculture no.3 (Ria3) have been successful in artificial larval rearing production of slipper-lobster

The Nha Trang Mariculture Research and Development Center under the Ria3, in Phước Đồng commune, Nha Trang City, Khánh Hoà province, is activating the grow-out ponds of slipper-lobster broodstock, nurseries of larva and postlarvae of produced slipper-lobsters. Dr Trương Quốc Thái, chairman of a state-level scientific and technology research developed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, named “Research of exploitation and development of genetic sources of white slipper-lobster (Thenus Orientalis Lund, 1793)”, affirmed that they had mastered the process of culturing slipper-lobster broodstocks and had primary steps in successfully producing the artificial slipper-lobster.

There are around 7 species of slipper-lobster allocated and living along the beach from Quảng Ninh, Khánh Hoà, Bình Thuận to Vũng Tàu and Kiên Giang. The overfishing of slipper-lobster has resulted in a severe slump of the amount of this species in nature and allocated area narrowing.

Thus, Thái and his partners in Ria3 started the above mentioned research with an aim to build a technology process of producing artificial slipper-lobsters and a commercial farming model of this species.

The research will end by 2022.


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