Quảng Ninh: Target to become an aquaculture center

Quảng Ninh province is focusing on high-tech aquaculture to enhance the quality and productivity, aiming to become an aquaculture center of the Northern region.

Notably, Quảng Ninh has a vast potential for the development of aquaculture, particularly marine aquaculture, with a total water surface area exceeding 30,000 hectares. At present, aquaculture has progressed with incorporating science and technology, reducing offshore exploitation.

In aquaculture, genetics is always a top priority. The application of scientific and technological methods into seed production has laid a solid foundation for Quảng Ninh’s aquaculture industry.

Phan Văn Lịch, Technical Manager of Viet Uc Company, stated: “Viet Uc has successfully developed three generations of shrimp seeds, among which the most notable is the VUS Leader 21 generation with superior resistance, faster growth, and better adaptability. There are also two other generations capable of withstanding low temperatures and low salinity.” Alongside genetic factors, feed and additives in aquaculture, especially in shrimp farming, have been paid special attention for investment by enterprises”.

Quảng Ninh is the first locality in the country to have its own standards for floating materials used in aquaculture, particularly in marine farming. This method helps protect the environment and, when integrated with scientific and technological applications, completely supports farmers.

According to Nguyễn Thị Hải Bình, General Director of STP Group, so far, the STP Group has provided a key solution to aquaculture: offshore cages withstanding level 12 winds, equipped with QR code and iCheck for precise positioning; products that replace foam buoys, sustainable HDPE barrels suitable for the sea, and environmentally friendly.

Ngô Hùng Dũng, Director of Tan An Aquaculture Joint Stock Company, shared: “Previously, people mainly practiced extensive aquaculture. Now, we apply the super-intensive aquaculture process (3 stages). Since adopting this model, we have seen an increase in productivity and efficiency. Even with a small area, a harvest of 150-170 tons per year is possible.

Ngô Tất Thắng, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Quảng Ninh province, emphasized: “The province is collaborating with VNPT to build a complete digital production system.”


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