Quảng Ninh to boost the black carp farming

In the last few months, farmers in Uông Bí of Quảng Ninh province have been farming black carps, a high economic value fish. This is a new direction of development of the local fisheries. 

Nguyễn Trọng Minh, in Yên Thanh ward of Uông Bí city, Quảng Ninh province has more than 2ha of reclaimed land in Núi Gạc and he has been given the land for aquaculture.

He started to prepare for a grow-out pond of black carps in May 2020. “Cultivating black carps in accordance with the industrial model is easy and brings high economic efficiency. Besides, the potential market promises much more profit rather than farming traditional fishes”, said Minh.

He stocked nearly 8,000 black carps in the first crop with a density of 0.4 pc/m2. He frequently checked and monitored the environmental factors as well as activities of the species so as to adopt the caring method promptly. Industrial feed with protein content of 35% was used, besides natural resources such as snails were taken use of.

Black carps are in higher need of oxygen than other species. Otherwise, they will be infected with diseases and die. Thus, the grow-out pond must be clean and the surface must be clear. Water should be 1.5-2m deep and more than 2m when black carps weigh up to over 2kg. Water must be pumped every week to trigger carps to grow up or replaced if necessary. So as to prevent those black carps from getting infected with diseases, powdered lime must be put every 10-15 days (2kg/100m2).

Besides, black carps are easy to catch the gastrointestinal bleeding disease when eating poor quality feed. So as to reduce damages, Minh advises local farmers to frequently check the feed, prevent the fish from eating left-over feed or rotten feed.

“Baby black carps, 4 gram each, now weigh up more than 3kg each after five months of careful caring”, eagerly said Minh.

With the efficiency and suitability of black carp farming, Minh has advised more households in Yên Thanh to follow this model, and frequently consult and guide them how to rear this fish. There are now 5 households related to black carp cultivation, who are expecting to harvest in May next year. Then, black carps will weigh up 8-10 kg each and be sold at 80,000-100,000 dong/kg. After production cost, local farmers can earn 800 million or one billion dong from one hectare of black carps.


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