Suspend in issuing standards of fish sauce production

In the morning on March 12, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Phạm Công Tạc officially spoke that after referendum, the draft of codes of practice TCVN 12607: 2019 in fish sauce production has received a lot of constructive feedback from individuals, organizations and press agencies.

He said that after receiving feedback, Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) requested Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (DSMQ) to call a halt in issuing the codes of practice for further comments from organizations and associations.

The codes must be subject to health and rights of consumers without affecting fish sauce producers, said Tạc, when drafting a code TCVN, it must be based on codes issued by other countries (Codex-PV) and actual situation of Vietnam. After the codes are drawn up by Ministries and sectors, they will be reviewed by DSMQ and finally signed by MST for issuance.

Thus, TCVN codes of practice for fish sauce production is drafted by Agrotrade (under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – MARD) in association with many agencies of other Ministries. The draft will then be reviewed by DSMQ upon MST’s request.

According to Deputy Minister Tạc, the codes of practice are produced upon three factors: in accordance with Vietnam’s development level; in accordance with the world’s codes; and assure mutual benefits of related parties (consumers, producers, associations). “If the draft fails one of these factors, it must be halted for further comments and discussion to make it clear and receive agreement, said Tạc.

In Deputy Minister Phùng Đức Tiến’s opinion, after receiving feedback from individuals and organization, MST will hold a talk with relevant agencies in order to complete the codes. MARD fully expects the codes will boost domestic production and assure mutual benefits of parties once it is issued.


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