TARS 2023 Shrimp Aquaculture: Regeneration

After held in 2019, the 12th in the series, TARS 2023 officially starts on August 16, 2023 in Bali, Indonesia. Brings “Shrimp Aquaculture: Regeneration” as main theme, TARS 2023 connects stakeholders in aquaculture from Asia, Australia, South America, North America, and Europe to enrich the industry with insights, and applicable solutions to face challenges particularly in shrimp farming.

The Asian shrimp aquaculture industry is stagnating and going nowhere. While there is increasing supply in Latin America, demand from the global market faces headwinds of inflation and a looming recession. Costs of production for Asian shrimp have risen tremendously, including high prices for feeds and energy inputs – erasing margins for farmers and affecting all players along the supply chain. Divided into presentation and breakout roundtable session, TARS creates a better interaction and intense discussion among participants within their proficiency. It is expected to generate conclusions for the next step of shrimp culture.

Zuridah Merican, PhD, editor of Aqua Culture Asia Pacific and chair of TARS 2023 said that part of the challenge was attributed to the lack of efficiency due to poor survival rates, however, there is a larger systemic risk. We need to proactively improve the culture model, mitigate disease, match nutrition and genetics, and place greater focus on sustainability. It is no longer acceptable for the industry to just keep evolving. We need to support the regeneration of Asia’s shrimp aquaculture – the responsibility falls on all stakeholders.

Along the value chain, the speakers reviewed the challenges in Asia’s shrimp aquaculture from these vantage points; low survival rates leading to reduced margins with rising costs of production; role of genetics and nutrition and status on marketing Asian shrimp. A case study on Indonesia and its growth potential. TARS 2023 is the ideal platform for networking and dialogue among Asia’s key aquaculture players. It is open to CEOs, CTOs, Geneticists, Farm, Hatchery Managers & Technicians, Integrators, Feed & Feed Additive Producers, Nutritionists, Processors, Technologists, Suppliers, Marketeers, Startups, Innovators, Investors, Researchers, Governments, NGOs, Academia.and other stakeholders in the aquaculture supply chain.

In particular, during a discussion session on the morning of August 17, Mr.Wei Che Wen Sales and Marketing Manager – Asia Uni-President Vietnam Co. Ltd. Vietnam said that some areas, such as central Vietnam, were affected more severely by diseases. Therefore, the main goal is to increase customer confidence and offer effective management models to reach a higher success rate in farming. This presentation will cover the current status of shrimp farming in Vietnam, challenges with diseases, water quality and costs of production. There are already three types of intensive shrimp culture models; earthen and lined earthen ponds and round tanks. The solution for the future economic, environmental, and social sustainability of shrimp farming in Vietnam will depend on how we guide farmers in daily pond and water management and maintain a balanced bacterial system to achieve successful and consistent crops.

TARS 2023 consists of 10 sections with various topics in the Shrimp Aquaculture. It is closing at the end of August 17th 2023.


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