TARS 2024 returns to Thailand with renewed focus on Asia’s Finfish Aquaculture

  • The 13th TARS event will address Finfish Aquaculture: Steering an Industry into Focus 
  • TARS will take a deep dive into challenges across the supply chain and opportunities for Asia’s finfish aquaculture
  • The Interactive Breakout Roundtable Session will seek to propose solutions.  

March 20, 2024:  Organisers of the annual The Aquaculture Roundtable Series® (TARS) have announced that the 13th edition of TARS will be on the Finfish AquacultureSteering an Industry into Focus. It will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from August 14-15, 2024 at the Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel.

 Dr Zuridah Merican, Chair-TARS 2024

In Asia’s finfish aquaculture, there are some large integrated operations which are making waves globally. However, most stakeholders are still seeking focus and directions for growth. Production is still associated with lower value fish such as the tilapia and pangasius, and there are no significant marine fish species. Asia has failed to keep up with its temperate species peers in the past decade. What are the catalysts for investment and innovation and what are the strategies for growth? There are opportunities for producers in Asia to be a leading supplier in the global whitefish market and play a larger role in food security.

Nursery ponds for tilapia and pompano, with hapa nets andfeeding trays

Zuridah Merican, Editor of Aqua Culture Asia Pacific and Chair of TARS 2024 said:

“At TARS 2024, we will seek answers on what is holding back growth, despite opportunities. The pangasius faces a saturated market while the tilapia has moved into the commercial export segment but more needs to be done. Marine fish is an opportunity to build a third leg for expansion into the whitefish market. At this TARS, we take a deep dive and analyse the situation, and set the scene on where industry wants to be.”

Roundtable Session at TARS 2023

Since 2022, TARS has a new format for a more interactive experience. Aside from industry and technical presentations, there is an industry dialogue, hard talk with business leaders, and panel discussions with participation of producers and the interactive roundtable breakout session. Participation is limited to 250 to facilitate networking and attendee engagement.

Hard Talk with Business Leaders(TARS2023)

“Our unique proposition is the interactive roundtable breakout session where all participants have a voice. This has been the forte at TARS, to get stakeholders to interact together and resolve industry’s challenges. We also encourage industry partners to join us in this endeavour. The last TARS was very successful with stakeholders in the shrimp Aquaculture industry to regenerate the sector. The new highly interactive format attracted more participation from the farming and hatchery segments,” added Merican.

At each TARS, organisers bring stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experiences to work together to move industry forward. As aquaculture spans many sectors, annually TARS rotates to cover aquafeed, shrimp aquaculture and finfish aquaculture.

TARS 2024 offers expert analysis, business models, technology, innovations, and state of the art biotechnology along the entire supply chain.

Registration for TARS 2024 (Finfish Aquaculture – Steering an Industry into Focus) is now open. To register, go to:  Early bird registration ends June 21, 2024.

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