Tens of Chinese fishing vessels are expelled from Vietnam

Since early this year, Vietnam has been expelling 42 Chinese fishing vessels from our ocean territory and issued warnings against 254 violated cases.

According to the Directorate of Fisheries, in the first nine months of 2019, the Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillence requested 30 patrols to check and control fishing activities. Total 5,562 vessels/turned were recorded with 5,504 vessels being owned by Vietnamese and 58 ones belonging to other countries, many of these were China.

815 fishing boats committed to marine resources exploitation were checked, with 773 Vietnamese boats and 42 Chinese boats. 497 cases in contravention were handled (455 Vietnamese boats and 42 Chinese boats). 42 Chinese boats were expelled from Vietnam and 254 cases were warned as fines.

The Directorate of Fisheries said usually Vietnamese boats were in contravention of not taking with them or being lack of regulated papers and certificates. Besides, they failed to mark their boats for identification or marked but failed the regulations. Some were not equipped or didn’t have enough life vests, communication devices, and life boats. Some had their certificates of technical safety expired, did not hang the national flag, did not list the crew members in the contact book, and wrote the boat register numbers wrongly.

The Chinese boats committed these violations: no paper, no logbook, went fishing in Vietnam’s ocean without marine exploitation license at the mutual fishing area in the west of separating line. The inspectorate recorded, took photos, wrote up the minutes of the violation, and expelled the violated boats and prohibited them from exploiting at the west of the separating line.

Besides this, the inspectorate discovered Chinese trawlers, many of which were iron body ones with high capacity, no identification number, failed to follow the request, cut the net and ran away to the east of the separating line.

According to the report by 47 of 63 departments of agriculture and rural development of provinces and cities, in 2018 and the first nine months of 2019, the provinces and cities adopted plans to carry out 3,500 patrols related to exploitation and marine resources protection. 8,502 violated cases were recorded with pecuniary penalty up to 44.74 billion dong. Moreover, additional fines were performed such as confiscating toxic and prohibited substances. However, some fishermen have kept exploring by electricity, explosion, prohibited tools and consuming endangered species.


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