Three fishing boat owners are given a fine of 2.5 billion dong

Three fishing boat owners in Bến Tre were given a fine of 2.5 billion dong for trespassing the fishing area.

On June 15, Chairman of the Bến Tre People’s Committee signed a decision of punishment of 800 million dong against Ngô Thị Ngọc, 47, in Bình Thắng commune, Bình Đại district, owner of the fishing boat BT-95377 TS for her contravention of trespassing on foreign water territory without any license or acceptance. Besides, Ngọc must pay the whole expenses on taking Vietnamese farmers who had been arrested by the foreign authority back to the country and other relevant costs.

Before that, her boat had trespassed on foreign water territory for illegal fishing earlier this year, and the whole crew had been arrested by the foreign authority.

Likewise, since early this year, the Bến Tre People’s Committee issued a decision of administrative punishment of 1.7 billion against two fishing boat owners Phạm Thị Gái, owner of the boat BT 94999 TS in Bình Thới commune of Bình Đại district, and Lê Thanh Phong, owner of the boat BT 92826 TS in An Thuỷ commune of Ba Tri district. These boats have been erased the registration number and withdrawn the licenses of seafood exploitation.

In February 2020, the fishing boat BT 94999 TS trespassed Indonesia’s water territory, the fishing boat BT 92826 TS trespassed Thailand’s water territory. They both were discovered and arrested with their boats being withdrawn by foreign authorities.


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