NAVICO is about to put the collagen and gelatin manufacturing factory in a test run

Nam Viet Corporation (NAVICO) said that the Amicogen factory related to manufacturing collagen and gelatin with a capacity of 780 tons per year would be installed by July 2022. The factory is invested into a total of VND 48.4 billion.

The Corporation plans to retain the leading position of the industry by taking advantage of the closed value chain and market expansion. Accordingly, NAVICO has given medium and long-termed strategies with continuing to diversify products made of pangasius, developing the domestic market, investing into the solar power of 650 Mw in accordance with the Power planning VIII approved by the Government, applying technological achievements and disciplines into production and management so as to improve productivity and capacity. 

NAVICO will continue to finalize the works in Bình Phú farming area, build a green house for fish broodstocks, a high quality breeding center, and hi-tech nursery facilities. 

NAVICO has prepared to the exportation of pangasius to the US market in August 2022.


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